We provide orthodontic treatment using the latest, effective and fast methods that are safe for the patient.

Orthodontics - what is it?

We provide orthodontic treatment using the latest, effective and fast methods that are safe for the patient. Our team has both children and teenagers as well as adults under its care. Crooked teeth do not look aesthetically attractive. It is worth knowing that it is not only an appearance issue, but also a medical problem. Thanks to orthodontic measures, we improve appearance, pronunciation, ensure easier cleaning of teeth and also improve the quality of chewing.


Pain related

• No soreness.
• Possible discomfort during the first few days after fitting.


• The individual time for wearing orthodontic braces varies considerably and depends on many factors.
• The duration of orthodontic treatment is assumed to be between 12 and 18 months.


Properly performed orthodontic treatment does not require repetition.


No convalescence required


"Straight teeth not only guarantee a beautiful smile, but also facilitate proper oral hygiene care and also improve the quality of chewing. If you want to improve your appearance by taking care of the aesthetics of your smile or curing a malocclusion - braces are a very good solution."

Dr Wojciech Radwański, clinic owner


  • Pitts21 a patented bracket system providing exceptional control of anterior teeth while giving freedom of movement of premolar teeth. It is the first and only self-ligating bracket system that gives early 3D control. The revolutionary system uses 30%-40% less forces, maintaining significantly higher treatment efficiency and ensuring high patient comfort.
  • Iconix - modern white gold brackets providing the durability of traditional metal brackets combined with the aesthetics of white gold, gold arches and ligatures provide a high level of aesthetics. The brackets are refined with zirconium oxide which ensures that the colour does not wear or peel off. Braces with Iconix brackets are fitted in the same way as traditional braces. What is more, it is durable, does not crumble and does not require any additional treatment from the patient.
  • SAP (Smile Arc Protection) - a technique developed by Tom Pitts, is a way of achieving the effect of a natural smile. The brackets are applied high up, according to a special pattern, which results in a "Hollywood Smile" effect. An additional benefit for the patient is that the appliance remains invisible. It is hidden high under the upper lip.

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Recommendations before

  • The first step is to visit the dentist. The dentist should check the condition of the teeth fill in any cavities and perform a thorough cleaning - scaling and sandblasting.

Recommendations after

  • It is a practice idea to brush your teeth after every meal using two toothbrushes, one standard and one designed for hard-to-reach areas.
  • The spaces between the teeth should be cleaned with dental floss.

FAQ - frequently asked questions on orthodontics

It is never too late to start orthodontic treatment. The need for braces is decided by the orthodontist. The indication to start orthodontic treatment can occur in both children and adults. In the case of children, it is advisable to make the first visit to the orthodontist for a check-up around the age of 7. 

On average, treatment with fixed braces lasts between 12 and 18 months. However, this is very individual, depending on the method used and the bite defect.


Wearing fixed braces puts you at a higher risk of cavities, which is why it is very important to keep regular appointments with the dentist and to maintain good hygiene.

When wearing fixed braces, we are more exposed to cavities, which is why it is very important to keep up with your dental check-up appointments, as well as proper hygiene.

The fitting of braces is completely painless. It only requires patience on the part of the patient during the fitting process.

Chewing gum while wearing braces is not recommended.

We should avoid eating foods that are hard, pulpy and stick to the teeth, as well as those that cause tooth decay, such as sweetened fruit juices, sugary fizzy drinks, sweets and so on.