Dr Michał Woroncow

Doctor of general dentistry

Doctor of general dentistry.

He graduated from the Warsaw Medical University with a specialisation in general dentistry.

Before becoming a dentist, he started his career as a dental technician, which gave him a solid foundation for further development in medical practice and improvement of skills related to the design and manufacture of prosthetic restorations. His day-to-day dental practice includes conservative dentistry, dental surgery and also endodontics. He actively participates in courses, gaining knowledge in the latest methods and technologies.

He is a teacher and lecturer at the faculties of Dental Hygiene and Dental Technology, an examiner in the specialisations of dental hygienist and dental assistants.

The patient's well-being and psychological comfort are of the highest importance to him. He is able to explain the treatment process with calmness and patience so that the patient feels calm and safe.

His life passion and second profession is being a yoga teacher. He has been teaching individual and group yoga classes at various levels for 25 years.

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