Oral hygiene

New Year's resolutions to improve dental health

Dbanie o swoje zęby i dziąsła nie musi być stresujące lub skomplikowane. Kilka prostych nawyków może zapewnić, że utrzymasz piękny uśmiech przez lata. Oto kilka propozycji noworocznych postanowień, aby skutecznie dbać o zęby i dziąsła: Codzienne szczotkowanie: Zaleca się, aby myć zęby co najmniej dwa razy dziennie. Jeśli jeszcze tego nie robisz, to możesz ustawić …

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When do we need to come in for a dental check-up?

Who needs a dental check-up and when? At our Awodent clinic, we know that often the very busy schedules of our daily routines cause us to postpone regular dental check-ups. Sometimes patients come to us who have been so busy at work that they have been able to put up with gum and tooth discomfort for months. Painkillers can postpone a dental appointment, but it should not be postponed until too late. Here are some of the warning signs in people who should make a check-up visit pretty soon.

Toothbrush - everything you need to know about it

When was the last time you replaced your toothbrush? We throw away out-of-date food, check the expiry date of cosmetics and medicines, but when it comes to our toothbrush we don't usually pay that much attention. However, there are important rules and guidelines to follow.